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Creating Sacred Space for Christians

Creating a Sacred Space

Sacred Space



Delineate the space by placing a quartz crystal (or a stone) in the north, south, east, west,to guide you as you create the sacred space.

Make Altar in the East of the proposed SPACE.

Place White candle on the altar. To the right a bowl of sea water, (or water and salt crystals),at the left an incense holder with incense. When ready light candle and incense, purify water by putting the tip of finger in the water saying -

“I Bless this water and cast out all that is impure”

Sprinkle the sea water with your fingers around the SPACE (representing earth and water).While saying;-

"We are between worlds, beyond the bounds of time.

Carry the incense around the room saying;

"Where night and day, joy and sorrow, birth and death, meet as one".

Then pick up the candle and walk the circle saying;

"The space is bound and blessed, Amen"

and then place it back on the altar,

Stand at Altar and then saying...."Lord God of Abraham, Jacob,

The Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I stand not in my own righteousness, but in the righteousness of Your Son Jesus Christ.

May you allow my Guardian Angel to be present, Amen"

The space is now complete and ready for Worship, Prayer and Healing or other work needing to be done while being in the sacred space.

Standing at the Altar

FOCUS Singing with arms raised..

A Devotional song, Psalm or phrase such as "Hallelujah, Jesus Christ etc ..or sung Liturgy.. " in spontaneous melody, for as long as it takes this can be from 5 to 10 minutes. During this time you can use the spiritual gifts of speaking in tongues or prophecy to edify yourself.

Meditation, contemplation, waiting on God

Kneel before altar, 'sitting on your heels' if you like, get comfortable.

Your time to listen.

After 2,3,5 minutes or what seems appropriate, stand up.


Standing to the EAST raise arms saying .. "Lord thank you for blessing and witnessing my ritual.... (spontaneous thanksgiving)"

Now from the altar walk clockwise, Saying three times as you walk around the room,

"This space is now open but not broken"

When at the East, say

"Carried within our hearts, always to meet and merry part."

Snuff out candle and clean up, putting every thing away.

Please feel free to change the wording in places to suit your own religious thought and feelings.

Acknowledgements: to the Lord for guidance and inspiration: and to a wide variety of sources

- books and internet sites from which this Ritual has been collected and written.

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